Is Stack Overflow banned in China? (2024)

Is Stack Overflow banned in China?

Stack Overflow is generally accessible in China. However, it is getting occasionally blocked, thanks to Ciro Santilli, who includes banned keywords in his name. (Yes, he answered this question too.)

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Is Google ban in China?

Google Search is partially blocked in China. Requests from the mainland to Google Search, including and, are automatically redirected to, the company's Hong Kong servers. Depending on what you search for on the Hong Kong version, the results may or may not be censored while in China.

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Is it cheating to use Stack Overflow?

it's not cheating, but not much different from googling or asking on S/O. You can use snippets of it, if it serves the purpose.

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Why is IG banned in China?

The Chinese government enforces strict internet censorship policies, commonly referred to as the Great Firewall, blocking access to numerous foreign social media platforms, including Instagram. This is part of the government's efforts to control information flow and maintain societal stability.

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Is TikTok allowed in China?

TikTok does not remove content on behalf of any government except in compliance with legal process for content that violates local law. TikTok does not operate in mainland China.

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Is it illegal to have a VPN in China?

Long answer: Using a VPN in China is not officially illegal. China allows VPN providers to operate as long as they cooperate with the state, which defeats the privacy purpose of having a VPN in the first place. Many VPN services are banned, and the government often threatens to block VPNs altogether.

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Is TikTok banned in China?

But the wildly popular platform, developed with homegrown Chinese technology, isn't accessible in China. In fact, it's never existed there. Instead, there's a different version of TikTok — a sister app called Douyin.

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Is Netflix ban in China?

The short answer is no, Netflix isn't banned in China. However, due to China's rigid restrictions and online censorship, Netflix isn't available in China simply because it doesn't have a library there. But that's not the only reason.

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Is it bad that I use ChatGPT to code?

Dependence on Training Data: The accuracy and reliability of ChatGPT for coding are directly tied to the quality and relevance of the training data used to train the model. If the model is trained on outdated or low-quality data, the generated code may not be accurate or relevant to current development practices.

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Can Stack Overflow be caught?

Starting with the . NET Framework 2.0, you can't catch a StackOverflowException object with a try / catch block, and the corresponding process is terminated by default. Consequently, you should write your code to detect and prevent a stack overflow.

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What is the risk of Stack Overflow?

If a program demands more memory than is available in the call stack, a stack overflow occurs, which can cause the program -- or even the entire computer -- to crash.

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Is discord banned in China?

Is Discord banned in China? The short answer is yes, it is. If you live in the Middle Kingdom or are visiting the country, you'll be unable to use the highly popular voice and text app.

Is Stack Overflow banned in China? (2024)
Is Spotify blocked in China?

The answer to this question is yes, Spotify is indeed blocked in China. The Chinese government has deemed Spotify as a platform that does not comply with its strict regulations on content control and censorship.

Is Twitter Legal in China?

China. Twitter is officially blocked in China; however, many Chinese people circumvent the block to use it. Even major Chinese companies and national medias, such as Huawei and CCTV, use Twitter through a government approved VPN.

Can China see everything on TikTok?

Analysis: There is now some public evidence that China viewed TikTok data. US officials have long insisted the Chinese government may be able to view the personal information of TikTok users — but that claim was purely speculative.

Is Snapchat allowed in China?

Are you wondering if Snapchat is banned in China? Sadly if you are living in or traveling to China, you will find that Snapchat is blocked. As with many other platforms, the Chinese government has imposed restrictions so that users can't gain access to the Snapchat app.

Can China see you on TikTok?

For a long time, TikTok insisted any data collected by their servers could not be accessed by anyone in China. In November 2022, the company changed its privacy policy. It now said staff in China could access data.

Does FaceTime work in China?

Group FaceTime, FaceTime Audio, and FaceTime links aren't supported in China mainland. Creating a link to a FaceTime call isn't supported on iPhone models purchased in China mainland, regardless of the country or region you're in.

What is the punishment for using a VPN in China?

What is the punishment for using VPNs in China? However, if a Chinese citizen uses a VPN to access a site blocked by the Chinese government, they may face jail time. There is little data on punishment for tourists using a VPN, besides officals forcing you to delete the app if they find it on your device.

Can China use Zoom?

"Zoom has confirmed that the website is now accessible in China in addition to As such, local users in China should now be able to start and join Zoom Meetings and Zoom Video Webinars via the website.

Is China banned WhatsApp?

The People's Republic of China is one of the most restrictive countries in the world regarding internet access. Consequently, it's no surprise you can't use WhatsApp in China due to a complete ban on the service. That said, a VPN presents a reliable way through the restriction, offering you full access to the app.

Is TikTok banned in Russia?

TikTok has blocked all non-Russian content in Russia but is allowing historical content uploaded by domestic accounts to stay online, including videos by state-backed media services.

Is TikTok banned in Texas?

Last year, Texas joined more than 30 other states in banning TikTok on government-issued cell phones and computers.

Can I access Netflix in China?

Are you traveling to China and worried about accessing your Netflix? Although most of the world has access to Netflix, the service is still unavailable in China. So if you want access to your home Netflix library, you must use a VPN.

Can you use discord in China?

Discord is banned in Oman, Iran, Egypt, mainland China, the United Arab Emirates, and North Korea. Although these countries have banned Discord, many Discord users continue to access the platform illegally.

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